Pranic healing testimonial for a child with autism and a speech impairment

CrystalI was contacted by David’s grandmother who was concerned about his speech. She had heard that Pranic Healing could help unlock the doors to enable him to speak. Her grandson had been tested and his mother was warned that he could well be autistic which was the reason that he was not speaking.

Pranic healing is especially effective for children. This is what his grandmother wrote:-"

He is 2 years 9 months old and has very delayed speech, only half a dozen clear words. He is beginning to get very frustrated so we are starting to use some signs. Jolly is a generally happy with a good sense of fun, we all love him so much and would be grateful for your help. ‘Early days, but am sure he is making more variety of sounds, also there is more eye contact and he does seem more eager to communicate .His temper is worse but this l think could be frustration ‘Please go ahead with more sessions . there is an improvement, l don’t think this is wishful thinking, he is now trying to say the last words of nursery rhymes and he has never done this before’. November 2013 and his progress now is as follows: “I hardly believe this , but, yesterday afternoon was one of the loveliest times that I have had with jolly for a very long time. He was calmer , very funny , enjoyed every second, not one tantrum all day . He wore my backpack, an old hat, my watch, then spent ages looking the wrong way through binoculars for dinosaurs and dinosaur poo! Not bad for a child that should not have imagination! He then joned us for an early family dinner and not only was well behaved but enjoyed himself. So far just wonderful”

This is a perfect example of how pranic healing can change lives.