A lovely testimonial for pranic healing

CrystalI have been pranic healing this lady for a couple of months and she has found the pranic psychotherapy and physical pranic healing beneficial.

This is what she has written:-

‘Monica has asked me to explain what she does. This is a difficult task for a layperson, but I can tell you what she has done for me. . Her technique and ability cannot be seen or readily understood, but she is an amazing woman who has the ability to heal.

She has helped me through physical and mental anguish.

Without even physically touching the body, she has the power within her own body to determine what is going wrong and where, and then with what appears to be her powers of concentration she works on those areas.

She is able to give instant relief in some areas and sometimes it takes several sessions. Remarkably, she has also help my husband, who is almost 80 years old, to overcome fatigue and feelings of exhaustion while she has been in a different country.

She stopped a tachycardia, which was a great distress to me by giving me phone instructions when not even in the vicinity.

Finally, I can only say – try it – it cannot do you any harm!’