Babies and young children – Pranic healing


I got in touch with Monica for distance healing for my 9 month old daughter. She was very poorly and had been for a few days. Each day she seemed to be getting worse. My baby was not eating or drinking and wasn’t producing wet nappies. She had a temperature and was extremely sleepy and distressed when awake. It was clear she was in discomfort and I felt so helpless. Calpol was having no effect and neither was ibuprofen. After several visits to the doctor and a trip to A&E, to be told it’s a nasty virus and there’s nothing anyone can do, we just had to wait it out. I needed to do something to help my little girl.

Monica was great. She was reassuring and managed to fit us in for treatment really quickly, which was really kind. Her assessment of my little one’s condition was spot on. It totally tallied with the way she had been acting and made sense of her distress. Monica, managed to soothe her headache and sore throat which was preventing her from eating and speed up her recovery as well as reducing her temperature. It was remarkable. Within hours she was showing great improvement and after a follow up session from Monica she was eating and drinking as normal – all within 24 hours of the initial treatment. I can’t tell you the relief I felt seeing her recover so much, so quickly.

It’s so hard with babies because they can’t tell you what hurts and they can’t take many types of medicine. Pranic healing is perfect for babies. Monica can scan the baby and tell you what hurts and then help to make it better. The information is empowering and reassuring and the no-touch treatment is convenient and doesn’t put the baby through any additional discomfort. Monica is now on speed dial.