Super testimonial for pranic healing a child

CrystalFor a super testimonial for pranic healing a child please read on...

Pranic healing facilitates the ability to relax and be at peace with oneself.  This testimonial comes from a parent who suffered a traumatic relationship resulting in her taking full custody of her child.   With the trials and difficulties of being a single parent things can become difficult.   Every parent wants to give their child the best start in life.  I have treated this child at my practise in Colchester and also distantly.

This child’s mother said the following:-

“After a difficult early childhood and witnessing domestic violence my son became increasingly agitated with aggressive tendencies.  He was tested for the Autistic spectrum but it was inconclusive.  I sought the help of pranic healing as I wanted something to help him that was non-invasive and without medication.

Pranic healing was relaxing and peaceful and gave him a sense of inner calm.  He continues to be settled and I will re-visit pranic healing as and when necessary in the future”