Face to Face Pranic Healing

Come to the practice in Colchester for a no-touch healing session of around 40 minutes.

£40 per session.

Distance Pranic Healing

If you can’t attend in person, Monica can undertake distance healing for you. This is essentially the same process as attending in person but requires significantly more focus and concentration.

£40 per session.


Using the natural ability of your own mind hypnosis can safely bring about the changes we require.

£70 per hour

Smoking Cessation – using hypnotherapy


Past Life Regression Therapy

This therapy helps you to deal with things that have happened to you in a past life but are affecting you in this life. E.g. Had you been drowned in a past life, you may have a significant fear of water. The therapy uses relaxation techniques to enable access to the subconscious and eradicate these harmful memories and the associated fears affecting you in the present.

Typically the first session will be two hours with follow up sessions lasting closer to one hour.

£60 per hour